Recently, Consumer Reports ran tests on Lunchables. The results revealed that the food item may not be as healthy as some would like. Here's what is known at the time of writing.

Lunchables Test Results And What Was Found

Consumer Reports reveals that the Lunchables tested were in the National School Lunch Program. Their nutritional profile stated that sodium levels of the items examined were higher than ones you could purchase from a store. The Director of Food Policy at Consumer Reports, Brian Ronholm, stated the following:

“Lunchables are not a healthy option for kids and shouldn’t be allowed on the menu as part of the National School Lunch Program...The USDA should remove Lunchables from the National School Lunch Program and ensure that kids in schools have healthier options."

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Extra Cheesy Pizza and Turkey & Cheddar Cracker Stackers are the only ones offered in schools via the program as stated by Consumer Reports. The organization also started a petition to remove Lunchables from the program, which you can see here. Schools however, weren't the only ones having trouble with Lunchables.

Testing On Lunchables In Stores Reveals Even More Issues

Consumer Reports tested other types of the food item. The organization tested, as reported by them, 12 brought from the store. Of the 12 tests, the results showed that seven had lead and cadmium that were very high. In addition, 11 of them were found to have phthalates, which has ties to certain cancers, diabetes, and reproductive problems.

As this is a developing story, we will have more information if it becomes available.

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