Driving in Texas is something everyone in the world should experience.

Whether it be in Austin, Dallas, Houston, or San Antonio, an individual just has to know what it's like to be behind the wheel in the Lone Star State. People forget blinkers, you here some choice words...the list is simply endless. However, there are potentially more silly things you could see on Texas roadways as well.

I mean we've all seen a funny billboard right? Or somebody dancing on top of a car perhaps? That one is a little more specific, but it has happened before of course.

But instead of billboards, we've all seen those funny roadway signs, especially in Texas, where they are elite to say the least:

Well, we hope you enjoyed seeing those now, because soon, they'll be disappearing forever.

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Texas Funny Highway Signs Set To Be A Thing Of The Past

According to KXAN, there's one big reason that the fun signs are going away. It's not just Texas that will lose the entertaining signs however, the entire nation won't be allowed to have silly signs. Why you ask?

KXAN reports the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Highway Administration has set new orders for the signs. The news organization revealed the ordinances that signs must now be more concise and to the point. Which...look we understand that messages should be relayed quickly, but we can have a little fun right?

Personally, the Red River Rivalry signs in Texas were the best! After all, Oklahoma is wrong crimson to cheer for!

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