There's probably one thing individuals in Texas aren't ready for during the Solar Eclipse.

But what exactly could be the item Texans aren't thinking about? We've discussed that roads in the state are going to be unbearable. Certain foods will be in short supply too.

More importantly, the state is going to be way more full than some would care to think about. So in short, there's plenty that's already been planned for. about one more thing to add to the list?

What some haven't mentioned is none other than the weather of the day. After all, seeing the event with a clear sky is important! However, is it going to rain on the day of the special event?

Rain Possible On The Day Of The Eclipse In Texas?

To say the least, any rain during the eclipse could ruin people's ability to see the event outdoors. But planning for the weather is annoying when you don't know what's going to happen is it? So is their any indication it'll rain on the big day?

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The Austin American-Statesman looked at weather data for the past five years on April 8th, and some places might be worried, while others won't be so stressed. According to the news organization, areas around Austin and San Antonio saw rain last year on April 8th.

Meanwhile, the area around Del Rio didn't see rainfall. So the final verdict you ask? Well, until we get closer to the day, we won't know.

Hopefully however, there's no rain, and everybody sees the event with no problem.

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