All of us in Texas love remembering the good old days.

We look back at certain parts of our life and remember when things were a little bit easier in our lives. It could us missing when we were kids playing on the playground, or missing a friend we don't hang out with anymore. Those simpler times are the ones we wish to relive over and over again.

Thankfully, with the digital age we live in, those memories are a little easier to relive and remember. There's even the potential that homages to certain things will pop up. We've all visited a place that makes us think, "Hey! This reminds me of the one time..."

One place many remember from their youth is Pizza Hut. It's hard to believe now, but the eatery used to have a sit down part involved. Some have hoped it would come back, and it may be on the rise. But where could it be happening?

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Texas Seeing A Rise In Sit-Down Pizza Hut Restaurants?

Getty Images/Canva
Getty Images/Canva

So according to Texas Monthly, Pizza Hut has been looking bring back the famous sit-down eateries, and the Lone Star State is trying to help be a guide. But how is the state helping?

Texas Monthly states the company is bringing back the throwback Pizza Huts in small Texas towns, like Gonzales or Bastrop. While Texas Monthly reports this is a campaign by the corporation, it seems nostalgia could grow across the nation, thanks to Pizza Hut.

Would you be excited for a classic Pizza Hut in your town? Let us know by sending us a message on our free station app! 

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