We've all been there. Tickets for a show we really want to go to are going to be on sale soon. We log on to get in line for the tickets. The anticipation is causing us to be a little nervous.

Finally, the chance to buy tickets is upon us. We wait to see what tickets we can buy...and all the good seats are taken. No problem right?

We'll just look around some more and...wait. Where are all the seats available? Did they get bought up by everyone else?

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That can't be possible. There's a certain amount of people in the queue, and not all of them can buy as many tickets as they want right?

Well Sadly, Maybe A.I. Was Involved

This issue has been well known for a while now, but things became majorly heated when one very famous artist named Taylor Swift announced her recent tour. According to the Texas Tribune, A.I. was used by unknown individuals to purchase more tickets than they were allotted to have.

After the delicate situation, which left many Swifties without tickets to her shows, Texas lawmakers decided to meet to figure out a potential solution. After discussions, Senate bill 1639 came to fruition. The bill, after making it's way through the required channels, was signed into law by Governor Greg Abbott.

So will it truly be the end of bots pushing our buttons in regards to grabbing more concert tickets? It might be too early to tell. We'll just have to wait and see.

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