The third Wednesday in July every year is National Hot Dog Day, and the country can be both divided and flexible geographically when it comes the proper way to enjoy a wiener. There are almost countless styles of hot dogs across the states, how would you define the Killeen-Temple, Texas way?

What are the top hot dog styles in the USA?

These are the official hot dog rules.

This will no way be scientific, it is based entirely on my personal experience. Listed in order from least favorite to the best hot dog I have ever had:

  1. Chicago Style: Yes, I understand the absurdity of liking relish on a hot dog, but not standing a pickle. The 3 things to avoid in Chicago are pizza, hot dogs, and Cubs fans. Their Italian Beef is fire though.
  2. New York Style: In a city known for their style, this version is truly a simple dog. Plus, who puts tomato paste on a frank?
  3. Texas Style: This version is all about the cooking of the dog, bet you were thinking it was going to be a Frito Pie on a wiener.
  4. Coney Dog: Fun fact, this style was created in Detroit, and they even knew not to add beans to the chili. Editor's Note: Detroit Style Pizza is vastly underrated.
  5. Seattle Dog: Dude, I know. However, do not knock cream cheese on a hot dog until you have tried it.
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Where is the best place to enjoy a hot dog in Central Texas?

Now, for the greatest wiener video of all time:

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