As times change in Texas, so do the businesses around us.

The only constant thing in life as we all know is change after all. Certain places we frequent could sadly go out of business, or others could make a simple change that brings new people in. But there's a chance we won't like the change that appears.

A certain item could go off store shelves, or a price increase could happen on it. Other times, the price could drop and we get more of it. So there's a lot that could happen. Especially when that item is involved at a food place.

For one very famous fast food eatery, some might not be happy to hear free refills might be going away.

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McDonald's Removing Self Serving Drink Machines Across Nation, Is Texas Next?

For those who love refilling their drink before they leave a McDonald's, things could be changing soon. Per Marketplace, self-serve soda machines aren't going to be around in the eatery's future plans. Various reasons have been revealed as why this is happening.


One of the major factors is due to the recent COVID-19 Pandemic. Due to the worry of spreading of various viruses and germs has caused some to not use them. In addition, other patrons have preferred to use the drive-thru or use a delivery service for the food they ordered.

Cleaning the machines and the area around them also have been provided as reasons McDonald's is making the change. Professor of Food and Beverage Management at Cornell University, Alex Susskind, stated about the cleaning of the machines:

“The amount of cleaning and upkeep that’s required for these guest-facing dispensers is pretty significant. The ice has to be replaced, you have to clean up the mess, you have to pick up the straw fragments."

At the time of writing, Marketplace reports 2032 is the year that the company is planning to no longer have the self serve machines in restaurants. As this is a developing story, we will have more information when it becomes available.

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