Living in Texas is pretty swell sometimes isn't it?

Excluding the heat, which we all dread of course, the Lone Star State is full of opportunities for anyone to take advantage of. Whether it be a new job, or perhaps retiring to take in the beauty of the state. But, before one lives in the state, they must make sure they have the funds to do so.

Yes, while many want to live in the state, sometimes it just isn't viable for a person to do so. The cost of living does seem to get higher as the years go on. But what about it if you're just a single person looking to reside in the Lone Star State?

Well, the cost of living isn't as bad as one would expect. But what is it exactly?

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Living Single In Texas, How Much Is It?

To find out how much a single individual in the state of Texas needs to live comfortably, we turn to GoBankingRates to discover it. There isn't much to explain here, but first let's be thankful that we don't live in Hawaii, as the living wage for a single person there? A staggering $112,411!


So let's get right to it. Overall, Texas ranked at 19th in the nation for single living. Which is a good sign.

The amount of money one needs to make in the Lone Star State to live alone? None than $50,497! Which isn't that bad all things considered.

But let's be honest with other, we could all use more money after all!

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