Buying a car in Texas is somewhat stressful sometimes right?

There's so much to worry about when purchasing a vehicle. What kind of car do you need? Do you do new or pre-owned?

More importantly, do you have a family to transport or just yourself? The last thing you worry about of course? The price of the vehicle!

We all know that prices of vehicles generally give us heart issues these days. But for one dealership in the Lone Star State, there's easing the stress by doing one thing: being silly and fun on social media!

A Car Dealership In Houston, Texas With Heart

Sometimes when you go into a place selling vehicles, it can be overwhelming to say the least. So how do you make the customer less scared about getting a new vehicle? Have fun of course!

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Let's travel to Houston, and see what the folks at Central Houston Nissan have brought to the table in terms of their Tik Tok posts shall we?

Well to say the least, we doubt you'll get punched when trying to buy a car. Though, it's pretty difficult to both talk about the vehicles in Español, and take (hopefully!) fake punches!

Ok, honestly, thank goodness he wasn't on the bike, that looks like it hurt really bad in real time.

Look doing a spilt is very difficult without ripping your pants, so props for that!

Well, this certainly makes us hope that other dealers in the Texas area will follow their lead. Hey, at least it's silly content to watch!

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