Some of us get really excited for snow in Texas don't we?

It's something certainly different we when step outside and we don't see green, but rather a sheet of the white precipitation on the ground. So many fun ideas pop into one's head when they see it too.

Perhaps you make a little snowman with the powder in front of you? Maybe there's a hill you could slide down? There's always a chance for a snowball fight too!

But for some reason, many may be tempted the snow. Which we've all done that at a point in our lives right? might not be the best idea anymore.

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Wait, Eating Snow In Texas Is A Bad Idea?

Sadly it looks like we should avoid more than just the yellow snow here in Texas. According to Nationwide Children's, not all powder we see is safe to be snacked on. So, let's examine what snow you shouldn't even put in your mouth.

Besides the previously mentioned yellow snow, snow that is actively falling to the ground isn't the best to eat. Nationwide Children's mentions that due to the substances in the air and ground mix with it. Also, snow that closest to touching the ground could have dirt, animal droppings, or other items in it.

You should also avoid snow that has been moved by a snow plow or a shovel for example. So, sadly it looks like we're ruining childhoods here, but...there's got to be a way to eat snow right? Thankfully, there is a way to, and safely!

How To Eat Snow Safely In Texas

Thankfully, there's two ways to snack on snow. Nationwide Children's reports the first way to enjoy the powder is to eat the snow at top of the pile you're looking at, as long as it's clean. The farther away from the ground, the better.

The second way involves you simply placing a clean bowl in an area around your house, like on a porch or picnic table for example could help you collect snow to eat. Just make sure it's away from any area where animals could mess with it.

Hopefully, we get to snack on snow safely in Texas soon!

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