There's nothing like the magic of the movie screen, especially in Texas.

We've all got our favorite films don't we? One of my personal favorites is Up In The Air. But of course, many of us could go on and on talking about movies.

But, there's always been a place where people go to see films, and you of course know it well. The movie theater has always been commonplace across the nation and in Texas. But, there's different types of ways to watch movies as well.

We've all seen a movie in 3D, or perhaps in the one of the moving seats that bounces around with the action. But what about...watching a movie from your car?

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Yes, drive-in movie theaters are still around, with a new one coming to Central Texas sooner than you think.

New Bruceville-Eddy Drive-In Movie Theater Coming In November

According to KCEN, the theater comes to the town via the couple of Pamela Carroll Cervantes and Julian Cervantes. They told the news organization that when first made their to the city, many voiced their annoyance about the lack of things to entertain them.

After taking to social media and floating the idea of a drive-in movie theater in the area, the response was well received. Pamela knew then that "I had no choice but to put in a drive-in movie theater."

Her husband, Julian, who has a Dallas based construction company, started work after the positive attention received. Now, on November 17th, the dream will now become a reality.

It's location will be at 2355 N Old Bruceville Rd, with Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays the days of operation as stated by KCEN. Are you excited for the theater? Let us know by sending us a message using the chat feature on our FREE station app!

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