When people add onto their homes, there are many things that are considered. Some want to add a fence, some want to add a playground for the little ones. But one thing some consider adding? A pool.

Let's face the facts, having a pool in the backyard during the summer months is certainly a blessing. Want to cool off? Just step outside and jump into the water!

But there's one thing some don't realize about pools: they take time, money, and effort to build. And some individuals just don't have the resources necessary to build one. So, they hire someone to build their oasis in their backyard.

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One company in Belton hired to do such a thing is now facing claims they took money to build pools, but never finished the projects in question.

Ocean Quest Pools Business Questioned

According to KCEN, various homeowners paid Ocean Quest to build pools. Homeowners claim that while they paid the required amount at each point of the project, at some point, they couldn't get the projects done.

The homeowners interviewed by KCEN state they couldn't reach the company after a certain point in the building process. This left multiple projects in a state that made many wonder if they would ever be finished.

KCEN was also able to reach the owner, unidentified at the time of writing, who didn't appear on camera due to his lawyer advising him not to, stated to the news organization he was filing bankruptcy.

As this is a developing story, more information will be provided when available.

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