When was the last time you thought, "wow there's a lot of Texas products across the USA!" I mean we've all seen a Dr. Pepper can in all parts of the nation. Don't get us started on how Whataburger is starting to begin a national takeover as well, we're already so excited.

But one business we know all too well is the beaver from Texas. You know them, you love them, we are of course talking about Buc-ee's! The little animal brings smiles to many across the south.

But there are many people who try to imitate that success. Of course, not just in the United States either! This imitator is sure you laugh however.

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May We Introduce You To...Buk-II's?

No, that isn't a typo for the business we're talking about, it is indeed how it is spelled. But you're probably wondering where we got that spelling from right? Well, behold the building in all it's glory:

If I'm being honest, that is a way better drawing of a Buc-ee's Beaver than I could manage that is for sure. But, where are the gas pumps? Shouldn't there at least be 20 of them?

According to MySanAntonio, this newly minted business is set to open its doors soon. It's location will be Matamoros, Tamaulipas in Mexico. So the main question now becomes...when can we visit?

Also there's another place we'll have to check out, which...the colors look awfully familiar here don't they...?

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