The fishing can be very good in Central Texas. With several reservoirs, you do not have to go far to find well stocked habitats like Stillhouse Hollow Lake near Killeen, Texas. Of course there is also Belton Lake on the edge of Temple and Belton.

Whether you enjoy the calmness of a large body of water, or the current that can come with one of the many rivers. There are few things more calming, or enjoyable than fishing with your family on a beautiful, blue sky, Texas day.

There really is not a downside from spending a day on the water, casting a line, and enjoying an afternoon siesta. Seriously, some of the best naps I have ever taken were comfortably nuzzled into a soft spot on a boat. No wonder people buy water beds.

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What does it take to be good at fishing?

  1. Time - Not just taking your time while on the water, you need to practice a lot. Thankfully for most, you do not have to be good at fishing to enjoy it. It is a lot like golf that way. There are tons of people in both sports that spend a ton of money and time doing them, and never get good. They enjoy it anyway.
  2. Luck - Do not come at me with, "It is skill, not luck," nonsense. Sometimes all you need is to just get lucky. Beginners luck has a name for a reason.

What was the biggest fish ever caught in Texas?

A 279 pound alligator gar (like the one pictured above) was caught on the Rio Grande River by Bill Valverde in 1951. Like most good fishing stories, some of the details are fuzzy, but it's in the record book none-the-less. You can read more in this Houston Chronicle article, or catch your own record fish at these great places to fish and camp.

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