Recently, a burn ban was set in place in Bell County. Due to both the heat and lack of rain in the state of Texas, steps were taken to make sure further damage to the environment was avoided. The ban began on October 2nd as stated by Bell County in a press release. 

However, thanks to changes in climate, it looks like people in the Bell County area can burn items, but there are still certain things you need to do.

Lifting Of Burn Ban

Bell County recently announced on social media about the lifting of ban:

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Yes, the return of rain has certainly made the area around us easier to burn items. According to KCEN, there's an opportunity for an inch of rain for some parts of Bell County, with other being lucky to receive potentially more.

But, there is a caveat that many who reside in the Bell County area that must know if they are to burn items.

If You Burn Items In Bell County, Remember To Do This!

KCEN reports that if you are going to burn items, you must call the burn ban hotline at 254-933-5555. This is used to make sure that local fire departments don't respond to a ban, that while planned by an individual, may alarm someone who doesn't know it was planned. It also helps residents know the laws of the state about burning.

So remember to burn safely in Bell County and all across Texas!

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