(Austin, Texas) - Let's all be real here. Driving in Texas sometimes is rather dangerous isn't it? People speed, blinkers seemed to be painted on like they are in NASCAR, and so many things happen on these roads.

But most of the time, despite some silly drivers in the state, getting from point a to point b is relatively uneventful. Sometimes we do see things that are rather different while on the roadway. But this weekend in Austin, thing got a bit crowded, and a little bit dangerous.

Reports Poured In Of Street Takeovers In Austin

According to a release from the Austin Police Department, reports of groups of drivers blocking roadways came pouring in around 9 PM Saturday night (Feb. 18).

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The first report that came in was of five cars impeding traffic. Sue, that would be annoying, but nothing too unusual. However, a minute later, more people called in saying that cars were blocking traffic and racing.

Officers were able to break up the group, but the group continued to reassemble throughout the evening. Three other times the car club proceeded to stop traffic.

Check Out Some Video

Multiple videos of the events were captured and posted to social media, which various news outlets showed:

Another video showed how far traffic was delayed due to events:

Some people's vehicles even ended up catching on fire:

"He Should Have Stayed In His Own Lane"

FOX 7 In Austin was also able to speak to one of the cohosts of the event. They stated that they were not ok with the setting off of fireworks or the response to the police showing up, which resulted in cop cars suffering damage and an officer being harmed by the crowd throwing objects. But they also said that as taxpayers in the state of Texas, they have chosen to use the roads like they did.

An attendee of the event, Jose Gonzales who lives in the Austin stated to the news organization: "We didn’t have no intentions of hurting nobody. You know, that’s our fault. We’re sorry to the police officer that got hurt, but man, he should have stayed in his own lane."

What Do You Think Of This Fast and Furious Takeover in Austin?

Now look, I'll be the first to admit street racing is pretty interesting to witness is real life. Also who doesn't like seeing a car do a perfect donut? It takes real skill to keep a car under control.

But here's the thing, this isn't a movie scene. Everything on movie sets is controlled, and is performed safely. This isn't Fast and The Furious. But what is your opinion Central Texas?

Let us know by sending us a message by using the chat feature on our FREE station app!

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