Many residents and visitors to the state of Texas enjoyed the event that occurred over the past two weeks known as Austin City Limits. With so much to take in, it's safe to say a lot was indeed going on. Unfortunately, some people took advantage of the situation at hand.

Recently, it was reported one individual was taken into custody after officers found stolen items on him. Here are the details that have been revealed.

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Police Report From Austin City Limits

According to KXAN, law enforcement was called at 9:30 to assist finding suspects of phone stealing. One employee of festival called for the assistance after an unnamed individual recovered their phone from a group of people. The unnamed person, after using another phone to call their own, heard it ringing in the bag in possession of the group.

After the group's location was revealed via the ACL employee, police approached the group, Of the three individuals suspected, two fled, and one was taken into custody.

The person arrested, Victor Manuel Castro Ordornez, was found to be in possession of 35 phones. Further details from the affidavit, according to KXAN, stated that 30 of the phones were stolen.

Castro-Ordonez was charged with engaging in organized criminal activity and theft by appropriation, and his bond set at $22,000.

Problems At Austin City Limits In Regards To Pickpocketing

This isn't the first time pickpocketing has caused issues at the event. KXAN also reports that many phones are taken from owners at ACL, with an officer involved in Castro-Ordonez's case also having experience with a case in 2021 that dealt another pickpocketing group taking a total of 250 phones.

As this is a developing story, we will have more information when it becomes available.

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