An assistant principal in Houston, Texas is facing charges of bringing a drug onto an elementary school campus. The rundown of the case and its details are provided by ABC 13.

The School Employee Accused Of The Crime

It is reported that Jessica Sanchez, the now former Assistant Principal of Travis Elementary School, was found to have cocaine in her possession. An unnamed employee first found the substance in a restroom inside the learning facility, and promptly went to the principal to report what they found.

Law enforcement was then called to the school, and a K-9 unit was used. The unit discovered the drug inside Sanchez's vehicle, which a district attorney revealed 0.9 grams of the illegal substance was found inside.

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Following the arrest, a statement was released by the district:

"We will not, under any circumstances, tolerate this type of behavior in our schools. Our campuses are a safe haven for students and we will not have students in unsafe environments."

Sanchez In Court

The assistant principal was charged with possession of a controlled substance in a drug-free zone. Sanchez also appeared in court recently, where she posted bond:

It is reported that Sanchez acknowledged she did cocaine before she went into the school. But according to her defense attorney, the illegal substance that was found in the bathroom alleged to be hers is still questioned as he stated:

"It's a staff restroom, so there's 100 people walking in and out of those restrooms. There's no telling who that belonged to."

As this is a developing story, more information will be reported when it becomes available.

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