Just before 5:30 this morning in Temple, Texas a 7-Eleven in the 4100 block of South 31st Street was broken into by some men using a stolen vehicle to remove the Automatic Teller Machine. By the time the Temple Police Department was able to respond, it is believed the thieves had already fled in a stolen 2002 Red Chevy Silverado.

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Before we get too far into this daring caper, yes this does sound like a story you have already heard, and it was only a 5 weeks ago tomorrow. On August 25th, a man had his pick up truck stolen, and then used in an ATM robbery of the 7-Eleven at the corner of North 3rd Street and West Zenith Avenue.

Fast forward to early this morning and in a similar fashion, a stolen truck was used to steal the ATM from a different 7-Eleven on 31st Street, and that is not where the coincidences end. As you recall from the previous robbery, the truck used in the first robbery was eventually recovered in the Hewitt area.

The current theft involved the stolen vehicle being ditched in the Hewitt area. It could simply be a copy cat crime due to the fact that the previous suspects are still at large, it may actually be a repeat performance by the previous perpetrators, or the whole thing could be a huge coincidence?

You can read more about the newest 7-Eleven robbery in this KCEN article.

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