This episode of The Acolyte, “Teach/Corrupt,” is set on an “Unknown Planet.” But is it really unknown? This looks a lot like the long-hidden Jedi Temple where Rey finally found Luke Skywalker in Star Wars: The Last Jedi. They have similar mountains, similar rocks, and even similar alien life forms.

So are they the same? In our latest Star Wars video, we break down all of Episode 6 of The Acolyte. In addition to answering that question, we’ll talk about Force dyads, Darth Plagueis, the High Republic era, the fascinating similarities between Qimir and Yoda, and lots more. Watch our full Easter egg breakdown video below:

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If you liked that video on all the Easter eggs in the sixth episode of The Acolyte, check out more of our videos below, including one on every theory we have about The Acolyte so far, and what they might mean for the future of Star Wars, one about Episode 5 of The Acolyte and whether the reveal of the Sith Master lived up to the anticipation, and one on all the Easter eggs you missed in The Acolyte Episode 5. Plus, there’s tons more over at ScreenCrush’s YouTube channel. Be sure to subscribe to catch all our future episodes. New episodes of the latest Star Wars Disney+ series, Star Wars: The Acolyte premiere weekly on Disney+.

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