A veterinarian in Texas is taking to social media to warn dog owners about the dangers of giving tennis balls to their furry friends.

Hunter Finn is generating buzz after posting a pair of videos on TikTok where he explains what toys and chew items you should not give your dogs.

Why Should You Not Give Your Dog Tennis Balls?

"Stop giving your dog tennis balls," Finn says into the camera as the video opens.

He explains when you throw the ball, it starts to collect saliva and dirt turning the fuzzy yellow surface "basically into sandpaper."

"Your dogs teeth will start to look like this," Finn says pointing at a photo of severely damaged canine teeth.

According to Finn, the damage comes from the ball turning in the dog's mouth and the owner trying to grab it back out of there.

Which Balls Are Safe For Your Dog?

Finn recommends selecting a rubber ball or a ball with a smooth surface that is less likely to pickup dirt when playing with your dog.

In addition to tennis balls, Finn also suggests in his videos not giving your dog cooked bones pig ears as they can both cause damage to teeth and digestive systems.

Instead, he recommends freezing vegetables with broth to make "chew toys." Here are Finn's suggestions along with a dance.

Finn is the owner of Pet Method Animal Hospital in McKinney, Texas. Besides TikTok, he also shares additional pet advice on his YouTube channel.

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