A woman sparked a heated debate on TikTok after declaring that "It is Mother's Day, not Grandmother's Day."

Emily Wehner took to the social media platform stating that after her first-ever Mother's Day being "pretty sad" after spending the whole day "coordinating grandparent visits," the annual holiday now is all about her, the mom.

"I didn’t get to do anything for myself," she said in the video.

To ensure that her special day goes off without a hitch, she stated that she usually makes "a plan ahead of time" and discusses it with her husband.

Watch the clip here:

The day includes family brunch, gardening, reading, getting a pedicure, and for the most part is a "usually very chill" day at home.

Wehner explained that her family celebrates Father's Day the same, and makes sure they celebrate grandparents on a different day.

"This may ruffle feathers for some people, but it’s what I wanna do. I made the boundary, and I’m the one deep into the mothering right now, so I’m gonna take the day how I wanna take the day," the mom added.

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Users sounded off in the comments regarding her rules.

"Ya selfish women want your husbands to forget about their moms for you, can’t wait until your kids grow up and do the same to you," one person wrote.

"This is my third Mother's Day as a mom and it's 100% about my mom and his mom. I haven't been celebrated yet…," a mom commented.

"It honestly shocks me that more people don't just celebrate mothers day/fathers day as one big family get together and celebrate all the moms/dads in one… there's enough love to go around for everyone!," a third person stated.

"My step mom told me that Mothers Day is for those in active service not veterans lol," a fourth user eloquently chimed in.

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