A woman on Reddit is fed up with handing over her entire paycheck to her husband each week, so she finally stood up to him.

"I have been married to my [significant other] for two years. Currently eight months pregnant. I work in IT, whereas my [husband] works in pharmacy. We both earn a decent amount to sustain ourselves. After our marriage we have been living with my in-laws," she wrote.

After her husband's siblings moved abroad, the couple began helping the siblings financially.

"I give my entire paychecks to his family so that I can financially support them. Due to this we have zero savings in our name. Now both of my siblings have decided to stay in the country and pursue further education. I informed my husband that I will be using a small amount (40 percent) of my payment to help my brother and sister out with their tuition fees," the woman recalled.

She also told him that he is "not obligated to use his paychecks to help my siblings and he is free to do whatever he wants to do with his money."

However, her husband became "defensive" and told her that she should not send money to her siblings.

"I calmly told him that I helped his siblings when they needed help so I should be able to help my siblings when they need help and again that he is not obligated to spend a single penny on them," she continued.

Her husband called her an "a--hole" for making him and his family feel like she did them a "favor" by helping them out, and for "saying that he is not entitled to my paychecks."

In a follow-up post, the woman noted she has realized that she has been a "doormat" to everyone in her life, and that she has opened up her own separate bank account.

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Users sounded off in the comments, with many urging her to leave her husband.

"You need to separate your money. He will take it before you get a chance to help your siblings. You two have a baby on the way, things need to change," one person wrote.

"Escape. You have one month, maybe less, to be free of this man who will otherwise control you and your child(ren) for the rest of your life," another user advised.

"He is OK with you supporting his siblings, but he gets angry when you want to do the same for your own siblings? And your entire paycheck goes to others while you have a baby on the way? This is wrong on so many levels," someone else commented.

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