A woman is at odds with her stepdaughter after exposing her for stealing money from her dad and letting their housekeeper take the blame.

The stepmother explained on Reddit that over time she started noticing missing money whenever her husband's daughter would come visit their house.

"To make sure, I didn’t change the place where we kept our money. I counted it very precisely before she arrived. After she arrived and left I counted again and $200 was missing," the stepmom continued.

After she told her husband, he immediately accused their housekeeper of taking the money, and intended to fire her. Worried their housekeeper would lose her job, the stepmom confronted her stepdaughter, who admitted to taking the cash.

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"I told her she has to tell her father the truth because otherwise an innocent lady in need will be fired if she doesn’t tell the truth. However, she refused, saying that she can’t hurt her image in front of her father. I told her if she doesn’t say it, I will and gave her one week before the lady visits us," she explained.

When her stepdaughter wouldn't come clean, she told her husband the truth.

"He at first didn’t believe it but when he called [his daughter], he noticed how her stories kept changing and knew instantly that she did it," she wrote.

Her stepdaughter refused to apologize for stealing, and even sent the stepmother a "lengthy text calling me horrible for outing her and destroying her relationship with her father."

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Users applauded the woman in the comments section, with many blasting the 17-year-old's behavior.

"[She] would rather an innocent person lose her job than own up to stealing? SHE ruined her relationship with her dad, not you," one person wrote.

"She may be underage but stealing repeatedly, and allowing an innocent person to take the fall for it without remorse, indicates that she is headed down the criminal path which will ultimately lead to prison," another weighed in.

"You were more than fair to her. She's being an entitled, selfish brat. Little more to add on that. She oughta [sic] be ashamed and I hope she grows out of this behavior," someone else commented.

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