A 16-year-old girl on Reddit is confused after the boy who has a crush on her locked her outside of his house, stranding her to walk home alone in the rain.

"I am very short and petite. It's been my defining feature in people's eyes for years, and I've recently become very tired of it. This guy from school has been crushing on me, and my dad suggested I give him a chance. I went to his house one night, and his friends were there. They were amused by me. They gave me nicknames like 'tiny,' 'mouse,' 'hapless,' etc. When my 'boyfriend' joined in, I bit back and said at least I didn't have frequent voice cracks at 17 like him," she shared.

"He seemed to laugh it off, but a few minutes later, he said they had an 'initiation' where you had to go outside and do a 'silly dance' for five minutes. So he sent me out in the pouring rain, and I did it," the teen continued her post.

"When I walked back, the door was locked and no one answered my knocking. I had to walk a mile home in an outfit I thought he'd like. And my dad asked what I did, and said I shouldn't have insulted him," she explained.

Ever since her crush and his friends humiliated her, she has been "putting in effort to look more scary — more punk, leather pants and jackets, that stuff" — to try to earn their respect. However, her dad has grounded her for rebelling and refusing to "look more in line with family values."

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In the comments section, readers criticized the girl's dad for sending her mixed messages, as well as slammed the boy and his friends for pranking her.

"Just for clarity, your dad sets you up with a guy, you stand up for yourself, and then they trick you and lock you out, and you have to walk a mile home? And he blamed you! I'm sorry, but this is horrible parenting! I would have gone mental at the boys and gone 'round there for treating my daughter like that! Also, if my son treated a girl like this, I would kick his disrespectful ass! Don't do things to spite other people ... work on being happy and accepting yourself. You're young with a lot of good times ahead! Cut all negative energy out your environment," one user advised.

"They made fun of you, you did it back. Your 'boyfriend' took it way too far. But looking scary won’t fix that, and for what it’s worth, there’s nothing that needs to be fixed. Being short isn’t a bad thing, and you shouldn’t hang out with anyone who makes you think that. Your dad is looking out for you, but dress how you want to, not to spite anyone," someone else commented.

"How nice to know that misogyny is still alive ... That boy ... deserved what you gave him. His reaction, locking you out, showed his true colors. Your dad's reaction is the same. You now know not to trust him on his choice of boys and you know he hasn't got your back on that. So choose your own friends," another weighed in.

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