Most of us probably haven't heard of "Speech Fasting."

What we have heard of is singers, for example, resting their vocal cords before a performance. Public speakers, voice actors, and other jobs where consistent talking is imperative or long bouts of conversation are part of the job may also take time to rest their voices.

Speech fasting itself according to the Times of India is usually done for a designated number of hours or even for a full day where the person doesn't even whisper. Just like athletes rest their muscles, resting vocal cords helps with strain, fatigue, and hoarseness.

However, experts now say even if we're not about to take the stage to sing in front of thousands or spend several days with a mic in our hand speaking at seminars, speech fasting is something we should all consider doing.

I know I don't want to talk to anyone right when I wake up. And how about those times you get home from work and you want some private time before helping your kids with homework or starting dinner? Have we always known about speech fasting without taking bigger advantage of it?


According to MSN, neuroscience studies are finding that the old proverb "Silence is Golden" is a necessity in a society filled with nonstop stimulation. It's all about reconnecting with the power of silence since it's such a rare commodity.

Silence is calming and those moments or hours help lower blood pressure, slow your heart rate, and decrease stress hormone levels even if you're staying busy.

Part of speech fasting may also include putting our devices down, keeping our televisions off, or playing soothing music and just reading. You can even take it to the next level of deep breathing and meditation.

However, taking regular breaks with speech fasting, no matter what we're doing allows us to recharge emotionally and mentally. You may already use speech fasting and not even realize it. According to the Times of India, this form of self-care cultivates self-awareness and being present.

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