A college student on Reddit is feuding with their aunt because they refused to change their “scary” profile picture — an image of Five Nights at Freddy’s video game character Freddy Fazbear — on the Peacock streaming account they personally pay for.

The student originally signed up for Peacock Premium so they could watch the FNAF movie, as “FNAF holds a special place in [their] heart.”

When the student recently went to visit some family, their aunt and uncle asked if they could sign into the teen’s Peacock account so they could watch a football game.

“I signed in on his iPad and they watched it a bit on there … A few days pass and I don't hear anything, but then I get a text from my aunt saying, ‘You need to change the picture on your Peacock account. It's too scary for me and the kids,’” the student shared.

The teen’s aunt and uncle have two sons, ages 7 and 10, and “they're also very much of the Christian faith,” meaning their household is “not conducive to horror.”

The student told their aunt that they didn’t want to change the photo, as “Freddy holds a dear place in my heart,” but the woman insisted.

“I then told her, ‘If you don't want to see Freddy every time you open Peacock, get your own account,’ and stopped responding,” they continued.

Now, their entire family is feuding, as some members believe they were too harsh and should just relent and change the image, while others say they should change their password and kick their aunt out of the account altogether at this point.

“I am mentally at a stalemate personally. Should I give this up? Should I just change it? Think it'll blow over?” they concluded, turning to Reddit for advice.

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Users in the comments section backed the college student for wanting to keep their profile photo just the way it is, considering they pay for the account.

"I would tell [your aunt] that she should stop stealing your account to watch Peacock, it’s not very religious or Christian of her, and that Freddy is there to scare her and her monster kids away from thieving from your account," one person joked.

"Definitely don't change your picture at this point, it's now a matter of principle. They don't get to mooch off you without asking and then demand you make accommodations for them," another advised.

"You are giving [them] free access to Peacock. If they don't want the FNAF avatar grinning gruesomely at them, they need to buy their own account. Technically, because they are using your account, they are stealing. Peacock would prefer they pay for their own account and not ride on yours," someone else commented.

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