A Reddit user who attended a friend's wedding wants the money they donated toward the couple's honeymoon back after finding out the wedding was fake.

"My friend got 'married.' I put the word marriage in quotes because I found out after the fact that there was actually no legal marriage that happened, as his girlfriend apparently didn't believe in legal marriage. They instead had a symbolic marriage to celebrate their commitment to each other after being together for almost [four] years, but the guests were led to believe that it was a legal marriage," the user began.

"He and his now ex-girlfriend had asked for donations for their honeymoon in lieu of wedding gifts. The 'wedding' happened, and then his girlfriend broke up with him before they even went on their honeymoon. Weeks have now passed, and they never returned any of the guests' donations for their honeymoon fund," they continued their post.

"I don't want to rub salt in the wound, and I understand that once a gift is given, it is done; however, this is an unusual circumstance. Am I being an a--hole asking for the money gift back?" the user asked.

In an update, the Reddit user clarified they donated $200 cash as their wedding gift for the couple's honeymoon fund.

"Yes, there was a wedding party and food was offered (nothing super fancy); though from what I was told, the wedding was paid for by their parents. Many guests, including myself, paid a lot of additional expenses to travel to their wedding to attend (hotel costs, time off of work, gas)," they added.

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Reactions were mixed in the comments section of the post.

"You won't get it. They ran a scam on their friends. People who do this are unlikely to admit it or make things right. Time to write off the gift and the 'friend,'" one person wrote.

"It sounds like the girlfriend opted for a 'symbolic' marriage because she was already having second thoughts about the relationship but wanted to continue with the wedding. Perhaps to collect the honeymoon fund? That being said, it is incredibly frowned upon to ask for a wedding gift back, despite it being an impressively short surprise non-legal marriage. If you did ask for the money back, though I understand," another commented.

"Don’t worry about it. Next time he gets fake married, you don’t have to get him anything," someone else joked.

"You bought a wedding gift for a wedding which you attended. It's irrelevant if the wedding was 'symbolic' or legal, so I think you should stop getting hung up about that. I just don't think you can ask for unused wedding gifts back, although it's pretty crappy of them to keep the cash," another user wrote.

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