Don't worry you still get the yummy bread and butter for free!

Texas Roadhouse is a powerhouse when it comes to chains in the Lone Star State but the beloved chain has some new things coming you may need to know about.

During the company's most recent earnings call, the leadership team discussed the most important changes customers will start to see over the next 365 days at Texas Roadhouse and its sister brands, Jaggers and Bubba's 33.

Lets see what those are:

1. Prices are being increased

All Texas Roadhouses have implemented a 2.2% menu price hike, according to CFO Chris Monroe.

Texas Roadhouse raised its prices by 2.2% in April 2023 and 2.7% in October. Monroe reports that these increases are intended to "offset inflationary pressures." The company considered data related to labor trends and wage increases, among other statistics, when determining the percent increase.

2. New Texas Roadhouse Locations

The company opened 30 new locations last year, including 22 Texas Roadhouses. In the February earnings call, CEO Jerry Morgan disclosed plans to open another 30 in 2024.

Texas Roadhouse operates in 10 countries outside the U.S., including Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Philippines, Taiwan, Mexico, China, and South Korea.

If successful, the company will end 2024 with nearly 800 domestic and international locations.

3. Jaggers is Expanding

Jagger, a fast-casual dining chain serving burgers and chicken made from scratch, is looking to expand. Started in 2014, Texas Roadhouse's sister restaurant aims to double its locations in 2024.

Jaggers currently operates eight stores and aims to have 15 by the end of the year.

4. Texas Roadhouse Restaurants Are Getting Bigger

The average Texas Roadhouse measures around 6,700 to 7,500 square feet and can hold up to 291 guests at full capacity, Eat This, Not That reports. Locations built in 2023, as well as those planned in 2024, are 10% larger than pre-COVID restaurants.

5. Digital Kitchens

Texas Roadhouse plans to transition to back-of-house digital screens in order to track orders and cook times. Locations built in 2023 use this technology, and its success has encouraged the company to implement the so-called "digital kitchens" in an additional 200 existing restaurants. Customers can expect shorter table wait times as a result.

6. Mobile App

Texas Roadhouse's mobile app isn't new, the company is hoping to attract more awareness to it. The app allows customers to check it digitally and join a restaurant's waitlist prior to arrival. Customers can also browse the menu and place pickup orders. The company also hopes to encourage its pay-at-the-table system Roadhouse Pay.

7. New Texas Roadhouse Merch

Texas Roadhouse aims to draw attention to its merch. Products include candles, clothing, plushies, and more to come!

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