All of the rain Texas has seen over the past few weeks brought on a crazy number of persistent mosquitoes.

We’ve looked at what plants to keep in your garden to keep these little blood suckers away, as well as an unconventional and surprisingly effective use of bubbles. While these are helpful, and you can protect yourself even more with a variety of bug sprays, what about your pets?

Unfortunately, our pets are just as susceptible to mosquito bites as we are, and it is the responsibility of the owner to keep their pet safe. Not only is it irritating to have mosquito bites, but they can carry illnesses that you don’t want your animal to catch. The big problem is that most bug sprays aren’t safe to use on pets.

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Fortunately, there are a few different options to keep your pets safe, including plenty of natural remedies.

Just like natural mosquito repellant for humans, strong smells are your best bet. Mixing lemon eucalyptus oil with water and spraying it onto your pet is one solution. If you don’t want your pet to have an oily feeling or are concerned about them licking it off, you can also add it to their collar or a bandanna.

Citrus juice can also act as a great repellant and keep your pet smelling fresh. Either rub a slice of lemon, grapefruit, or another citrus directly onto their coat or spray the fruit’s freshly squeezed juice all over. Just be mindful to keep the juice away from their eyes to prevent burning.

There are also special mosquito repellant sprays available online that are formulated to be safe for pets. So, try out some of these methods and find what works best for you to keep your pets safe.

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