The Texas Rangers Threw Out The First Pitch In Arlington To Begin Their World Title Defense But Before The New Season Began Their Received Some Serious Bling.

Isn't it funny that grown men who play a kids game are all playing to receive a piece of jewelry that's bigger than most wedding jewelry?

Championship rings in the last 20 years have gotten bigger and "bling-ier" (I just made that word up) and the Rangers' championship rings continue that trend. Their rings contain the story of their historic season in the details.

The World Series championship rings were unveiled on Saturday.

The championship rings were created in collaboration with Jason of Beverly Hills who have crafted championship for several recent champions including the NBA's Denver Nuggets and Golden State Warriors and the NHL's Las Vegas Knights.

Just about every stone on the ring has a meaning that commemorate important milestones on the teams championship run.

Here's all the details:

  • 103 blue sapphires for their 103 wins
  • 16 emerald cut diamonds for 16 consecutive games the Rangers homered in
  • 52 points of diamonds in the word "champions" representing the 52-season history
  • 23 red rubies for the year they won the title
  • 11 stones in the 'T' for the record of postseason road wins
  • 30 stones in the first circle for the home runs hit in the postseason

Removing the top reveals 11-0, the team’s 2023 postseason road record. There is also the slogan "ROAD Dominance" written using the logos of the four teams the Rangers beat away from home to become champions. Inside the shank the player's signature is engraved as well as the postseason series records and the phrase "AS ONE."

Throughout the 2024 season, Texas Rangers fans will also get the opportunity to collect four replica championship rings.

You can collect the rings during regular season gate giveaways at select games. Check the Rangers schedule for more details.

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The championship rings were created in collaboration with Jason of Beverly Hills.

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