You have without a doubt heard the quote, 'the only constant in life is change'. The Greek philosopher Heraclitus made that statement in 500 B.C. and that quote is still true today in Tyler, Texas. Change is happening and change is good. It brings new opportunities, new ways of thinking, and new products and services to everyone.

Drive down any major street, or side street for that fact, in Longview, Texas too and you'll see change happening. Older buildings are being torn down and replaced with newer ones.

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Change is constantly happening in the business world and within the retail and restaurant industry. Trends and fads come and go just about as quickly as you can change your underwear! We all have our favorite places that we like to go shopping at and unfortunately, some of those favorite places no longer exist.

Since 2020, the retail sector has undergone a major transformation and the stores that East Texans grew up loving are just no longer around. Judging from the question we posted on our social media page, East Texans seem to be missing quite a few well-known brands that used to line Loop 323 and S. Broadway and occupy storefronts in the Broadway Square Mall.

Just because these stores no longer exist doesn't mean you've forgotten about them. Just the sheer mention of the brand name brings back many memories for a lot of people. You can picture exactly what the logo looks like, what the storefront looked like, what their radio or TV commercial jingle sounded like, and what the store smelled like right when you walked in if it had one.

Here's a look at the retailers that East Texans wish would re-open their doors today.

25 Retailers That East Texans Wish Would Open Their Doors Again

Nostalgia, there's nothing like it. East Texans wish these 25 retailers (along with a few restaurants) would once again magically re-open their doors so we can shop there again.
If I've left off a retailer that you would like to see be revived, email me the store name anytime.

Gallery Credit: Lucky Larry, Mix 93-1

One Tyler Restaurant Nearly Failed Their Latest Health Inspection (02-20-2004)

NET Health makes routine inspections of restaurants, food trucks, grocery stores, convenience stores, daycares, and healthcare facilities daily, and here are the results of their latest round of inspections.

NET Health grades these facilities on a demerit system. The lower the score the more perfect the establishment is with a goal of scoring a '0'. However, these restaurants missed the mark during their last inspection. 

Violation Points
The total number of points on the report total 100.
0-10 Demerits = A
11-20 Demerits = B
21-25 Demerits = C
26-30 Demerits = D
31+ Demerits = F

Gallery Credit: Lucky Larry, Mix 93-1

Ranking the States That Eat the Healthiest Food

When looking at all U.S. States here is a look at the states that seem to do the best job at making sure they are eating healthy foods.

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Texans Should NEVER Put These 11 Items on Top of the Fridge

Storing some of these items above the fridge could potentially create serious problems that could harm your health.

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