This thing shot off like a rocket.

Be Sure You Winterize Before a Deep Freeze in Texas

We have been hearing non stop the past week that it is going to be cold in Texas. Some parts have been hit with ice causing headaches on the highways and some parts are just dealing with brutally cold temperatures. No matter where you lived in Texas this weekend it was cold and some people learned the hard way that not being prepared for the freeze bit them in the ass.

Plano Man Has Pool Equipment Literally Explode

Looks like on Sunday morning Terry Roden of Plano, Texas decided to go check around his house to make sure everything was good. He noticed that this pool pump was frozen solid, which is not supposed to happen. Terry says this pump has a system in place once it goes below a certain temperature that it should start heating up to prevent it from freezing up. Well it either failed or couldn't keep up in the brutal North Texas cold this weekend.

Pool Pump Goes Flying!


Obviously you can't have this equipment freezing so an industrial outdoor heater was brought outside to get this thing thawed out. Once the ice was no longer a solid block. Terry turned the pool pump on and that is when things went haywire. Thankfully no one was hurt in the process, but I am sure the neighborhood thought a bomb went off yesterday afternoon. Looks like Terry will be busting out some cash for a new pool pump in 2024.

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