Texas, Where the Wild West Meets the Weirdest Laws: Unveiling the Quirky Legal Landscape.

Y'all thought you knew everything about Texas, right? Well, think again! Texas isn't just known for its barbecue and cowboy boots; it's also home to some of the most bizarre, head-scratching laws that have stood the test of time.

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We're going to be breaking down 20 weird laws that for some reason, still exist in Texas.

No Milking Stranger's Cows:

It's impolite and against the law to milk someone else's cow in Texas. This law was officially repealed in 1974, but it's still considered rude.


Spittoon Rule:

In El Paso, spitting in public is protected by law. Certain places, like churches and stores, are required to have spittoons for people to spit into.


Cheese-Free Sundays:

In Houston, eating certain cheeses on a Sunday could get you in trouble. Make sure to check the calendar before enjoying your grilled cheese sandwich.

Notify Before Committing a Crime:

It's a crime in Texas to commit violence against someone without telling them first. Criminals are supposed to notify their victims in advance, which is strange but part of the law.

Don't Sell Your Eyes:

It's illegal to sell your eyes, heart, kidneys, or other organs in Texas. However, you can sell your blood, hair, or principles if you want to.


No Encyclopedia Britannica:

The Encyclopedia Britannica is banned in Texas because it contains a beer-making recipe. Using it could lead to fines or jail time.

Don't Drink Standing Up:

In LeFors, Texas, it's considered improper to take more than three sips of beer while standing up. It's a quirky law, but sitting down is the safer choice.

Buffalo Shooting Location:

While shooting buffalos is allowed, it's against the law to do it from the second floor of a hotel in Texas. Even though some question this law's existence, it's best to avoid shooting buffalos from hotel rooms.

No Stocking Adjustments:

In Dennison or Bristol, Texas, avoid adjusting your stockings in public. It might land you in the state penitentiary, though it's highly unlikely.

No Sitting on Galveston Sidewalks:

Sitting on the sidewalks in Galveston can result in a $500 fine. Find a cafe instead if you need to rest.

Train Crossing Rule:

Train drivers in Texas are required to stop when they meet at a railroad crossing. It's a strange law, but following it is essential to stay on the right side of the law.

Windshield Wipers Required:

Driving without windshield wipers can lead to fines and even jail time in Texas. Make sure your car has them.

Flirting Rules in San Antonio:

Be careful how you flirt in San Antonio. Using your eyes or hands could attract attention from the law.

Acknowledging a Supreme Being:

If you want to hold public office in Texas, you must acknowledge the existence of a supreme being.

Airplane Trash Rule:

It's illegal to throw trash from an airplane in Galveston. Other strange laws in Galveston include no offensive gestures at public events, no driving down Broadway before noon on Sunday, and no drinking alcohol in a city park without permission.

No Wire Cutters in Austin:

Don't carry wire cutters in Austin, Texas. Even though they can be useful, it's against the rules in this part of Texas. Leave them at home to avoid any problems.

No Dusting Buildings in Clarendon:

If you see a dirty building in Clarendon, Texas, don't try to clean it with a feather duster. It's a strange law, and no one knows exactly why it exists, but it's best to avoid dusting to stay out of trouble.

Don't Eat Garbage:

Never eat food from your neighbor's trash without permission. It's not only gross and possibly unsafe but also against the law. If you want something, ask your neighbor first to avoid getting in trouble.

Skip the Wedding Formalities:

In Texas, you can get married by publicly announcing your partner as your spouse three times. You don't have to have a big, expensive wedding unless you want to.

Keep Your Shoes On:

Some cities in Texas require a $5 permit to go barefoot in public. If you have the permit, you're allowed to go without shoes; otherwise, keep your sneakers on.

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