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A popular food item from Wendy's fast food chain is coming to grocery store shelves soon. It's Wendy's chili, which has had its fair share of controversy over the years (we will get to the grossest one soon). Most recently the chili has faced scrutiny on TikTok. In this viral video posted to TikTok, an employee shows their method of making chili with the text, "Don't Eat Chili From Wendy's!!!"

Other commentators stated that this is not how they made the chili when they worked there. Also, what is wrong with not wasting food? What would you do if you have a ton of leftover but safe-to-eat hamburger patties? You'd likely repurpose them. I'm all for reducing food waste.


The other big controversy about Wendy's chili ended up being a complete scam- a woman claimed to have found a human finger in her chili in an attempt to sue the restaurant. There really was a real human finger in her chili- one that she got from her husband's co-worker and cooked herself to bring to the restaurant. She spent 4 years in prison for the crime.

Here in my home state of Texas, there's only one really valid reason to find Wendy's chili controversial- it contains beans.

According to FOX8, "the canned version is expected to be available by the end of 2023."

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