For most youngsters growing up in Texas at some point you’re going to be introduced to the world of professional wrestling. While most of us can wrap our heads around the fact that there is a fake storyline aspect to what we are watching, regardless, it can still be fun to follow along as the story never ends. But you probably don’t realize how many of the very best wrestlers in history are from the state of Texas. 

Professional wrestling has been around since the early 20th century and is popular in Australia, Latin America, Europe, Japan, and here in North America. Popularity for professional wrestling really exploded in the mid 1980s with the help of cable television. That is when wrestling legends from right here in the lone star state truly made a name for themselves and became known all around the world.  

There Was a Movie About a Texas Wrestling Family 

Most wrestling fans are familiar with the Von Erich family from here in Texas. Every member of their family was in the wrestling business with lots of people saying there is a curse on their family after having so many tragic events happen including multiple suicides. The movie that depicted their family and professional life was The Iron Claw. That movie was released in 2023. 

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So Many Other Professional Wrestlers from Texas 

There are so many more professional wrestlers from Texas than I ever knew about, but it’s great to see so many people from the lone star state finding success in the ring. Here is a look at some of the best professional wrestlers ever from Texas.

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