Anyone who has been behind the wheel in Texas knows that things can be adventurous. And that doesn’t just mean when you’re in the bigger cities such at Dallas or Houston, any highway in Texas can be dangerous. Okay, it’s not the highway itself, it’s the drivers that love to go fast to get to their destination.  

Worst Texas Drivers

It’s not just about speed, in fact recently we were discussing some of the infractions that law enforcement is looking for right now as they are trying to make roads in Texas safer. Unfortunately, we see fatalities way too often on Texas roadways, but some areas just seem to be worse than others.  

According to data from Quote Wizard, they found that Texas drivers have the sixth-highest rate of accidents in the nation. It was interesting as the statistics even broke down that drivers under the age of 20 in Texas are three times more likely to be involved in dangerous driving incidents compared to someone over 40. 

All Drivers Need to Pay Attention 

Age doesn’t matter when it comes to paying attention behind the wheel, there are people of all ages looking at their phone or doing other things. We must do a better job of paying attention when driving in Texas. It’s not just about a ticket or accident that could raise your insurance rates. It’s all about safety. 

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Let’s Look at the Worst Drivers by City in Texas 

Here is a look at the Texas cities with the worst drivers. 

Here are the Worst Drivers by City Located in Texas

According to Quote Wizard, here are the worst drivers by city in Texas. Make sure you have extra insurance if you're driving around these specific areas.

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