So look, I'm gonna preface this write-up by saying that I know most of you reading this in Texas view being naked as a highly private thing. It's something that only you and your significant do in the privacy of your own home. That is perfectly okay. Having said that, there are a select few individuals who have no issues with walking around amongst other people without any clothes on. To them, it is perfectly natural. And that is okay, too.

I'm Not Comfortable with it But You May Be

I, in no way, have any interest in going to a clothing-optional resort or on a clothing-optional cruise. To me, that's a private thing to do with my significant other within the confines of our home. That's not to say if we were in an area that was secluded enough for just the two of us that I wouldn't shed my clothes to walk around outside. I just wouldn't be comfortable doing it amongst other people. Some of you reading this may be perfectly comfortable with it and will probably want to check out this cruise that is set to leave port in 2025.

Bare Necessities Tour & Travel is the company behind the "Big Nude Boat." This is a cruise that will set sail from Florida February 3, 2025, make stops in the Bahamas, Puerto Rico, St. Maarten, Dominica, Martinique, and St. Lucia, then return on, conveniently enough, Valentines Day, February 14, 2025. To answer your first question, passengers will be clothed once they reach port. The only time it becomes clothing optional is when the ship gets out to sea.

You Can Book a Spot Now

If this is your thing, you can book a spot on this cruise right now.

Quick Warning: The Website Link I'm About to Give You Does Show Some People in Various Stages of Undress. DO NOT Open This Link at Work or in Front of Children.

Go to to get all the details.

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