When you think of the state symbols of Texas, you probably already think of armadillos, bluebonnets, and apple cobbler. While those things truly represent the Lone Star State, here is our funny and sarcastic take on the State Symbols of Texas.

All states have symbols representing their people, region, animals, food, and quirks and Texas is no different. We all know that Austin is the state capital, the pecan is the state nut and the state hat is, you guessed it, a cowboy hat.

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While our current state symbols do indeed represent the great state of Texas, I couldn't help but wonder if making a few changes might better explain some of the quirkiness that comes out of the greatest state in America.

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The following list is completely sarcastic. So if one of these offends you, then your skin isn't thick enough to be a Texan and we kindly ask you to move back to where you came from because we can take a joke here in the Lone Star State.

LOOK: Hilarious State Symbols of Texas

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Again, this list is completely satirical and was in no way meant to offend. If you have some funny ideas for state symbols of Texas, I'd love to hear them.

If you're looking for the real state symbols of Texas, we have you covered with the gallery below. So, kick back and test your knowledge to see if you know the symbols that define the great state of Texas.

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