India Arie isn't too fond of the "Hollywood bubble." After the singer's hand was slapped away by a security guard when she tried to say hello to Lady Gaga on the Grammy Awards red carpet earlier this week, she's sounding off on the matter.

When Arie tapped the pop star on her shoulder to greet her, a member of Gaga's security team pushed her hand away, striking a bracelet she was wearing and causing her pain.

Afterward, the 'Chocolate High' singer and Gaga's fans took to Twitter where some back-and-forth occurred, but the soul singer was quick to say she had no problem with the pop songstress. "Lets squash this now," she wrote. "Everyone responding to my @ladygaga tweet. I know her and I wanted to speak like did everyone else I saw I know."

Arie also said she doesn't blame the 'Artpop' creator for what happened; she blames her security team. "Her security swatted my hand," explained the 'Acoustic Soul' creator. "She didn't see me. And my point is not @ladygaga my point is -- this is the energy of the Hollywood bubble."

Clearly, the Denver, Colo. native has no problem with Gaga, just that aggressive security guy. While it's understandable his job is to protect Mother Monster, he should know the difference between a greeting and an attack.

Read Arie's full Twitter response below.

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