Idris Elba seemingly responded to Cardi B's claims that the coronavirus is a conspiracy theory.

The Cats star, who revealed he tested positive for COVID-19 last week, addressed the conspiracy theory in a recent Instagram Live and though he didn't specifically mention the rapper, he said he doesn't appreciate people "test-shaming" him or any others who have come forward with their diagnosis.

"I think that the negativity around test-shaming is counterproductive," Elba said.

"I don't see what people get out of that. And also this idea that someone like myself is gonna be paid to say I've got coronavirus? That's absolute bullshit," he continued. "Such stupidness. People wanna spread that as if it's news. That's stupid. It's the quickest way to get people sick because there's no benefit to me and Sabrina sitting here saying we've got it or we ain't got it. I don't even understand the logic of that."

"I'm not an actor right now," Elba added. "I'm just a human being and I just happen to be in the public eye. So I want people to understand that this is very real. I don't feel like I'm privileged because I got a test because I actually contracted it."

The actor's response follows the "Bodak Yellow" hitmaker's video in which she suggests celebrities are being paid to say they have the coronavirus. "I'm starting to feel like y'all n----s is paying n----s to say that they got it. And if y'all are paying n----s to say that they got it, then pay me too," Cardi B said. "B---h tryna get paid."

Elba is not the only celebrity to have tested positive for COVID-19. Tom Hanks, Rita Wilson, Andy Cohen and more stars have all gone public with their diagnoses in an effort to encourage people to social distance.

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