It looks like Ice Cube is headed to another court, this time it’s the courthouse. The veteran rapper’s BIG3 basketball league has slapped competing Champion Basketball League with a countersuit for defamation.

BIG3’s suit is a direct response to CBL’s $250 million lawsuit, in which they claim BIG3 founders Cube and Jeff Kwatinetz allegedly stole their ideas to create their own league. CBL also claims that they recruited former NBA players for their league but since they didn’t sign exclusive contracts, this allow Cube to swoop in and allegedly steal their players from them.

According to TMZ, BIG3's attorney, Mark Geragos, filed the complaint against CBL and call the allegations a complete lie. BIG3 says there was never any agreement between the two leagues and no BIG3 player was barred from playing in the CBL. BIG3 even contends that three play players who did sign a contract with CBL were allowed to play with them and with CBL.

BIG3's countersuit had a little bit of trash-talking in it. They called CBL founder Carl George "a serial con-artist, fraudster and ponzi-schemer" who blames his failures on others. Ouch! Now that's a technical.

BIG3 is seeking unspecified damages. Attorneys for Champions Basketball League had no comment on the matter.

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