Six Ferguson, MO black kids are using the internet to educate white America about the racist reality in today's world.

These kids are from the block where Michael Brown was gunned down by a white police officer, ages range from 6 to 13 years old, and are using  humor to show white people and the world that continued racism that their generation faces with mind-boggling statistics about being a minority in America.

You see it on TV where white people go on and on about how they are not racists and how blacks use the racism card to get more than their share. Yet at the same time these people roll up their car windows and lock their doors when they drive through predominately black/hispanic communities as if they're scared some boogie man will get them. They say they hate Pres Obama and everything he does yet when polled, most of these people like his policies when presented separately. I commend these kids for coming out with "Racism Is Not Over But I'm Over Racism".

If white people can't even show respect to our two term half Black and White Leader of our country then how do we as people fair in this country? Answer that.