It's that time of year again. You have all of your décor up, the Christmas tree is alive with all the twinkling lights, and the gifts are ready to be wrapped. If you're anything like me, that last part you take very seriously.

You see, just how other people across social media post pictures of their Christmas trees or family Christmas photos, I LOVE taking pictures of how my gifts looked wrapped underneath the tree. Every year I have a new color scheme and I never pick the cliché 'ho, ho, ho' wrapping paper - nothing against it, it's just that for me it's too busy.

However, even if you have the most perfect wrapping paper, if you don't know how to wrap a gift properly, it could all go to waste.

Don't worry! I've got your back, and you can bookmark this article as you're getting ready to wrap anything this Christmas. A TikTok account by the name of @BeeAndBlooms has hundreds of thousands of views online simply because she's showing you how to wrap anything and everything you have to put under your tree - no matter the size, no matter the shape.

I've grabbed a few of my favorites to show you right here, so you don't even have to download the TikTok app. Speaking of apps, download our station's app - that'll make this article even easier to get back to :)

Let's get started! We'll begin with something that seems simple, but is so NOT. This is also @BeeAndBlooms' most viral TikTok with over 13 million views.

You with me so far? Check out this next one on how to wrap a cylinder.

@beeandblooms Reply to @radicalxrosie it’s the only cylinder thing I could find lol hope this helps! #wrappinggifts #christmaswrapping #giftwrapping ♬ ICE (feat. MORGENSHTERN) - Morgenshtern

Let's say you have something really large you'd like to wrap - don't be intimidated! Check this one out.

And lastly, let's say you have a lot of little pieces left over. You can wrap with that too!


Ok, bonus! Want to get really fancy and decorate with ribbon? Gotcha covered!

@beeandbloomsReply to @potato_paat it’s hard to fit it all in 60 sec. but I hope this helps! ##ribbontutorial ##ribbon ##wrap ##bowtutorial ##christmaswrapping♬ Carol of the Bells - Christmas


@BeeAndBlooms has a lot more than I can cover in this article, so make sure to check out her entire TikTok account for all of your wrapping needs!

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