This week's #Hell2DaNawNaw Award goes out to everybody HATING on Emilio Rodriguez of Pflugerville who brought his dream house and is now doing something HE wants to do with HIS money to make his dream a reality: Paint his entire property Pepto Bismol Pink.

According to KEYE in Austin (YOU CAN SEE PHOTOS AND VIDEO HERE), after a car accident that left Rodriguez paralyzed from the waist down at 4 years old, and dozens of surgeries as a teenager, he was left in a wheelchair. When Rodriguez brought his home in November of last year he said it was his dream home and he wanted to paint it pink he accomplished his desire.

The whole house is pink from top to bottom and he plans to paint his fence and driveway pink as well. Naturally, neighbors are upset because they believe his affinity for pink will drive their property values down in the subdivision. But the neighbors can't do a damn thing about it unless they file a lawsuit.

We have this little thing we call "freedom" in America. If you buy a house or piece of land, it is your RIGHT to do WHATEVER you want on YOUR LAND as long as NO ONE ELSE is infringed upon. Am I right or do we just want "certain" people to enjoy said freedom? If you don't like Mr. Rodriquez's home you have the FREEDOM to MOVE but don't waste your time telling this man what he can or can't do on his property.

Besides, doesn't one of America's favorite songs address this very thing:

Bless all these folks to take the hate out their hearts Bishop!

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