Decriminalization of misdemeanor weed offenses - are you for it or against it? That's what voters in Killeen, Texas will have to decide during the upcoming election in November.

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The Killeen City Council will let the voters decide on the future of some marijuana laws within the city.

Decriminalization of Weed

Looks like the voters in Killeen will have a chance to decide on this issue themselves after the Killeen City Council voted down a proposed ordinance on Tuesday night. KWTX reports that the ordinance would have banned arrests and ticketing of anyone with less than four ounces of marijuana.

Ground Game Texas

The effort to decriminalize low-level charges for marijuana is being organized by Ground Game Texas, the same organization that was able to get the issue on the Austin ballot last May. Voters in Austin passed the new legislation. Ground Game Texas is also working with other cities across Texas to allow citizens the opportunity to vote on the issue themselves.

Who's in Favor? Who's Against?

As you would assume, there are a lot of Killeen residents who are for the ordinance. Omar Marquez, a Killeen resident and petition advocate says, “We collected over 2,500 signatures and all I’m saying is that those are residents of Killeen, that’s a lot of people.”

There are also plenty of residents that are against it. “We do not need another destructive drug in our society,” said Donald Baker.

Julie Oliver, with Ground Game Texas, says, “We are asking to let voters decide to decriminalize a misdemeanor offense. We are not asking voters to decriminalize a felony offense.”

Decriminalization Is Not Legalization

It's important to note that decriminalization is not the same as legalization. If the new ordinance passes in Killeen, it doesn't legalize recreation use of weed - it just prevents police from enforcing low-level possession charges.

Looks like the voters in Killeen will get the final say about this.

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