Happy Mother's Day to all the Mom's! As we celebrate Moms and all that they do, there's one thing all mom's have in common: They tend to repeat the same phrases over and over again because we're all hard headed kids (and adults).

Killeen moms are no different, but they also have their own statements that they make that are truly unique to where we live. So here are 4 things only a mother in Killeen would say:

  • 1

    "Wait Until Your Father Gets Home...From Deployment"

    If you're the spouse of military service member, deployments can be hard, especially when you're left at home to deal with those crazy kids while Dad is gone, so we know that this one has been told a lot!

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  • 2

    "No, We're Not Going To HEB, There's Food At Home"

    You know how kids are, they always want to go out to eat or make an unnecessary store run. No, we're not going to HEB so you can run around and get on folks nerves, there's food in the house.

  • 3

    "Watch The Kids While I Go Out To Club (Insert Name Here)"

    Don't front, you know you've said this before, either to your Hubby or to your own mother. Don't get mad, tell the truth.

  • 4

    "I'm Not Driving All The Way Out To Copperas Cove Or Belton"

    For some strange reason, when you ask a Killeen mom to take a ride to Cove or Belton, its like asking them to drive to Dallas. Its not that far away!