Remember about 14 years ago when Making The Band was a thing for pretty much every network attempting to draw in viewership? Well, one of those shows, BET's Blowin' Up Fatty Koo recently resurfaced and went viral, thanks to Miguel.

Once upon a time, the R&B star tried out for the now-defunct band, Fatty Koo, and was harshly nixed. Now 14 years later, and well, Miguel is doing just fine. The other members of the group haven't fared quite as well in the music business, which the internet was happy to point out when the clip went viral.

Now, former Fatty Koo member, Valure has spoken out about the clip, prompted by the people who decided it was important to troll her on IG and tell her exactly how wrong she was about Miguel.

"I never said Miguel can't sing," she clarified, adding that she did say some of his notes were flat. "I stand behind what I said."

She also said that just because Miguel is rich, it doesn't mean he's happy and goes on to say that she's not at all jealous of Miguel's success. As for Miguel, he hasn't responded to the viral video at all, though he did go on Twitter to share that's still draped and dripped out.


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