Steve has a reality check for a 37-year-old man that was given 3 aluminum trays full of food from the pastor's sister.
Will Praise Strippers be allowed in the Jackpot Joint of Jerusalem or nah?
R&B singer Angela Bofill has confirmed that she is not dead because she was the victim of a death hoax.
US Senatorial candidate Jaime Harrison stops by to talk about Medicaid expansion and has a specific message for voters in South Carolina.
In Sports Talk with Junior, there is poetry for someone in Tampa Bay along with pure elation from His Flyness.
Fool #2 murders another one in the spirit of Bill Withers.
Cardi B. has her own line of pork grinds to be sold at Walmart that has a political initiative attached to it.
Today in Closing Remarks, Steve played for us a message from Kevin Murriel, who is Senior Pastor at Cascade Methodist Church in Atlanta.



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