A family in Canada is getting a lot of attention for their attempt to live without any technology made after 1986.

Hard to imagine in today's world where just about everything is digital and connected to the Internet, but one family in Ontario, Canada, is proving it is possible to live without modern day technology.

Blair McMillan, 28, and his girlfriend Morgan Patey. 27, say they got frustrated watching their two young children do nothing but play video games and text all day.

No digital cameras are allowed; McMillan says all their family memories are captured on film. As for music, the family fires up an old-fashioned boom box. And forget about Netflix or Hulu--this family is strictly confined to movie offerings found on VHS tapes (do they even still make those?)

The couple says they plan to live like this for another six months. The only exception is the family car, a 2010 Kia. But, McMillan says they did make one old-fashion change to the car--they removed the GPS.

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